Sunday, 27 November 2011

God is a beanie :)

This is a beanie I made for a guy at work, just a plain Beanie and then I crocheted the word GOD across it, because he asked me to, not because I believe him :P

Christmas Place Mat

This was a pattern I got in a magasine, another project I would be reluctant to do again, it takes too long!

Claire's Snood

This was my first project on circular needles :) a Snood for a friend.

To be honest, I wish I had never started it, it took too long, used too much wool, and was just so repetitive.... Which is why I had converted to crochet in the first place, but I wanted this to be special as it was for a friend, knit in rounds of a number of stitches that was a multiple of 9 (can't remember how many...just LOTS!) with some cables thrown in :) I am pleased with the result but I would be very reluctant to make another one!

Christmas Tree Hangers

Ok, these have been a pain in the backside since I started!
Little trees, beanies, and stockings, and some granny square stockings, all of which I'm hoping to sell at a craft fair I'm attending soon, my first fair!

Granny Bags

Basically sewn together granny squares, the brown and the green bag just 2 squares sewn WS facing, and then several rows of DC as a lid, then a long chain and some rows of SC for a strap.
The blue and purple is 5 squares sewn together after folding them in half, then making the strap the same way as with the brown :)


Summer Seaside Cowl

I can't remember entirely how I made this, I think I chained around 99 stitches, then worked rows of clusters of 3DC like a granny square, but in rows.....