Sunday, 30 December 2012


Something I really do need to make more of in the near future as they look stunning when finished, and were an absolute pleasure to make =] just plain crocheted earrings =]

Full Size Granny Bag

One of the very rare occasions that I have made something for myself!
Simply 2 big granny squares, lined with a cushion cover, with 2 smaller granny squares to make the flap, and then a knitted strap, which has of course ended up longer as it has stretched! 

MTG Inspired dice bags

The OH and I play magic the gathering (an awesome card game, google it!) 
Now, he does role play too (D&D mostly) and I thought about making some dice bags for his various dice, I mostly just used the MTG guild colours =]

Azorious - Blue/white (terrible camera)

 Boros - Red /White

 Dimir - Black /Blue

 Golgari - Black / Green

 Gruul - Red/Green

 Izzet - Red/Blue

 Orzhov - Black/White

 Rakdos - Red/Black

 Selesnya - White/Green (terrible camera)

 Simic - Green/Blue

Knitted Squares Bag

Another magazine creation, just a plain knitted bag with squares, and an extra pocket on the front =] 

Storage Baskets

Originally meant as a bangle basket, these ended up as just general storage =]

Patch the Dog

Another LGC pattern, the same as the Amiguranimals actually, this one is the dog

 Made even cuter with the little patch on his eye too!

Little Aliens

Oh now these are another magazine based creation, just little aliens.

One has 3 legs
One just has 2 very lanky I-Cord legs

The third is a little ball

And the last one is one I made myself with 2 legs