Monday, 27 June 2011

New Baby Set for Vicki

Ok, so this took me the best part of a week, on request from a friend of mine, she chose the colours (well, black and purple, I chose the shade of purple though) and I am really pleased with how it's turned out, I even learnt edging while I made this!

I used a 4mm hook as I do in all my work, and I only used DC and HDC stitches.

I made a beanie 

And mittens

and booties

I started by making granny squares and sewing them together

And then I learnt how to do a frilly border simply as 2DC across

It's roughly as long as an average table is wide . I just hope she likes it!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Baby Set for friends

I am really quite proud of this.
I started knitting a blanket, in plain knit stitch on 8mm needles, and it took me literally MONTHS to get anywhere . It looked like this...

Initially, I really liked the effect, until I discovered Crochet.
I knitted some booties too...

A pattern sent to me by a friend, cast on 20, make 6 squares, sew together...all in plain knit stitch, took about 4 hours, on 4mm needles.

Then when I got the hang of Crochet I restarted the blanket, and this took me 2 days..

Simple Granny Square design, continued and colour changed every 3 rounds :) 

then I made mittens, which took me about an hour for the pair!
and then finally a little baby beanie...

This completes the little black and red baby set I made for some friends who are having a baby  in October, all I have to do now is mail it :)

Pokeball Beanie :)

Now this pattern I worked from

and it actually came out pretty darned well :) I've had a few people ask for one, and it may be the start of my Etsy shop if it takes off!

I'm actually impressed with myself, it looks how it should in the pattern :)


My Second (corporate zombie) Amigurumi

Ok, this one was a challenge, took me about an hour even though it's barely taller than a finger!
All i had to go on was this.
I didn't have a pattern, I just had this as a visual.
I ended up with this.
Not bad for a first attempt with nothing to go on except a google picture, but it still looks like a small child made it, I'm sure I'll get better as I go along :)

My First Turtle Amigurumi

This is a pattern I attempted from
because my sister loves Turtles :)

This is what I ended up with however......

Not bad for my first go though! :)

Intro post.

Ok, so, this is my first ever blog post. 
Well, not my first, I used to have myspace and bebo, but this is my attempt at a "grown-up" blog.

I'm 21 and my main hobby these days is Crochet, I don't really have the patience for much else right now.

It took me about 6 months to get the hang of knitting, since May 2010, and it's taken me since then to get the whole concept of Crochet into my little brain. However, since I discovered the secret behind it, I've pretty much just given up on Knitting altogether, it takes too long, too much wool, and it doesn't seem to expand very fast, however in the past week I've made 2 blankets, booties, mittens, hats, scarves and some Amigurumi in Crochet, all of which would have taken me several weeks to knit!

I'm not clever enough to work from my own designs yet, but I am working from patterns until I totally get the hang of all the stitches!