Monday, 6 June 2011

Baby Set for friends

I am really quite proud of this.
I started knitting a blanket, in plain knit stitch on 8mm needles, and it took me literally MONTHS to get anywhere . It looked like this...

Initially, I really liked the effect, until I discovered Crochet.
I knitted some booties too...

A pattern sent to me by a friend, cast on 20, make 6 squares, sew together...all in plain knit stitch, took about 4 hours, on 4mm needles.

Then when I got the hang of Crochet I restarted the blanket, and this took me 2 days..

Simple Granny Square design, continued and colour changed every 3 rounds :) 

then I made mittens, which took me about an hour for the pair!
and then finally a little baby beanie...

This completes the little black and red baby set I made for some friends who are having a baby  in October, all I have to do now is mail it :)

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