Monday, 6 June 2011

Intro post.

Ok, so, this is my first ever blog post. 
Well, not my first, I used to have myspace and bebo, but this is my attempt at a "grown-up" blog.

I'm 21 and my main hobby these days is Crochet, I don't really have the patience for much else right now.

It took me about 6 months to get the hang of knitting, since May 2010, and it's taken me since then to get the whole concept of Crochet into my little brain. However, since I discovered the secret behind it, I've pretty much just given up on Knitting altogether, it takes too long, too much wool, and it doesn't seem to expand very fast, however in the past week I've made 2 blankets, booties, mittens, hats, scarves and some Amigurumi in Crochet, all of which would have taken me several weeks to knit!

I'm not clever enough to work from my own designs yet, but I am working from patterns until I totally get the hang of all the stitches!

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